Lilith Vale

United States \ New York \ Manhattan

A small, fiery, sensuous creature, probably born from the motes that dance in the rays of sunlight in dusty, ancient libraries. Or perhaps in the center of a peony in someone’s beloved garden. A bit cutesy and quirky, as I've been told. I'm determined and fervently pursue what I desire. I grew up in the midwest, and so, imbibed with that sweet girl charm, love for cozy sweaters, and soft snowfall. I was drawn to NYC several years ago, and have been intoxicated with its energy ever since.

When I’m not buried in a book, or writing, I’m wandering around the city looking for hidden places and adventure. I work within the birth field, and it’s absolutely my calling. It requires that I be calm and supportive; empathizing with the most intense, trying moments of our lives. I’m blessed and honored to be included.

I love the Opera(as a professionally trained soprano myself) and going to a variety of shows. Making cookies for my loved ones, watching the leaves change, dancing in my underwear at 2 am, getting caught in the rain are essential to my happiness. Educated with several degrees, and infatuated with learning, I adore stimulating conversation.

I strive to be the best that I can be, and find solace in aiding others to do the same. Being authentic and honest are huge facets of my personality, and ensuring others feel safe to do the same around me.

I live life freely, kindly, and with a dazzling smile.

Let's drink each other in...

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