Issabela wisla

United States \ New York \ Manhattan

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Hello, I am Issabela Wisla.

I keep myself au naturel: no body enhancements, piercings, or tattoos, and with a body you have to feel to believe. I have a sensual touch and scent that will drive you wild. My ever-changing eyes will hold you transfixed; you’ll stutter as you find yourself lost in them.

I’m often asked what turns me on the most; after much thought, I’ve discovered that fulfilling the fantasies of others is the sexiest thing to me. It’s indescribably hot when another person trusts me enough to let me in that deep; building a connection that allows that sort of honesty is very important to me.

Art has always been one of my favorite pastimes to indulge in and if you wish to impress me, a date at a museum of art rarely fails. I love to be surrounded by beauty. I dabble, as they say, in oil painting and portraits are my favorite. If you’d ever like me to bring along paint and canvas, don’t hesitate to let me know!

Many don’t realize how rewarding it is to learn and grow with another person; if you’ve read this page, I know that you know the value of building an emotional and intimate connection. Join me as we share a remarkable experience together, one that will only build in depth as time goes on.

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